Player and Judge Guidelines


All players and TOs which are participating in the Warmaster Series of events must abide by the ITC Player Code of Conduct in addition to the following rules:

  • Players must treat all their opponents,  other tournament  organizers, and Warmaster Series staff with mutual respect.  Failure  to  do so is subject to loss of all points and will no longer earn  points  for 1 calendar year and a day. 
  • If a player receives 2 yellow  cards during a Warmaster Series event, then, for any subsequent  Warmaster Series event, the player will have accrued 1 yellow card  automatically. 
  • If a player receives 1 red card during a  Warmaster Series event, for any subsequent Warmaster Series event, they  will have accrued 2 yellow card automatically. 
  • Cards are tracked for a year and a day that a player receives a card. 
  • Any player who EARNS 2 yellow cards during an event is ineligible for prize support for the remainder of the event. 
  • Players can have card appealed though this form.
  • Tournament Organizers submitting  false or misleading scores,  yellow and/or red cards are subject to lose  all Warmaster Series point  for the remainder of the season and will not be permitted  to run any  events for 1 calendar year and a day. 
  • Tournament  Organizers  must treat all players, other tournament organizers, and Warmaster  Series  staff with mutual respect.  Failure to do so is subject to loss  of all  points and will no longer earn points for 1 calendar year and a  day. 
  • If the situation is warranted, further punishment may  include loss of ITC points and the ability to run an ITC event in the  future.