What is the Warmaster series?


The Warmaster Series is a region specific Warhammer 40K event that is  designed to foster an additional competitive spirit for Warhammer 40K   communities. While in normal ITC events you compete with everyone in the  world, at Warmaster Events, players will earn a chance to earn their  glory among peers in their home region. 

The Warmaster Series covers many  states in Southwestern United States, and Hawaii.  Running from now until August of 2020, we will be awarding The Warmaster title to the top  ranked 40K player in the series, as well as awarding those players in  the top of their overarching factions: Xenos, Chaos and Imperium, and  for the top score for their respective State. These scores are based on  top scores for a single BCP faction.  In addition, The Warmaster award  winner will earn a ticket to  the 2021 LVO 40K Champs, the largest 40K  tournament in the world!  

How do I earn points towards The Warmaster? How are events able to be a part of the Series?

  • Each player will earn points for each Warmaster Series event  they participate, at their Friendly Local Game Store, starting December  2019 and ending at Slaughterfest 2020. 
  • We follow the BCP  scoring system, which is based off how you place in the tournament  overall, how many wins you have, and how many players attended the  event. See the difference between BCP and ITC Rankings here.  
  • ​Any approved TO can schedule and event to count towards the Warmaster Series as long as it meets the following criteria:
    • Event must be submitted by this Google form. 
    • The event must be submitted at least 3 weeks before it occurs.  
    • Register your event with the ITC and utilize the ITC scoring system.
    • Utilize the Best Coast Pairings app for all score reporting
    • Use Warmaster Series token to submit score.
    • No more than 2 Warmaster Series events per month at the same location.  
  • The following states are eligible to have their events be a part of The Warmaster Series:
    • California
    • Nevada
    • Arizona
    • Hawaii
    • Utah
  • You can check out all current events on the Events Page.


How many points is each event worth?  Who is awarded The Warmaster and faction titles?

  • Titles are awarded to the top player with 4 scores. One of those scores must be from a two day tournament (GT or Major) registered with the Warmaster Series. 
  • The best scoring player of the series will be crowned The Warmaster, and the faction leaders(Imperial, Xenos, & Chaos) will be best in their faction, but runner up to The Warmaster
  • Additional awards will be given to the Champion of each state, along with being part of The Mournival.
  • Team Tournaments, private events, invitational events, and leagues cannot participate in the Warmaster Series.
  • Due  to the size of the events, and the amount of players that travel from  outside the region, BAO, SoCal Open, and the LVO cannot participate in  the Warmaster Series

​​I am attending an event and would like to add it to the Warmaster Series, how do I do that?

  • First contact your local GT level (2 day tournament) organizer and ask if they run Warmaster Series events.  
  • If they don’t send an email to  warmasterseries@gmail.com 

Where should I do if I have any further questions?